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The attorneys at JAGDFENDERS have UNMATCHED experience and expertise in all areas of Military and Security Clearance Law. Our former military judges, senior judge advocates, and prosecutors have handled the most complex and challenging issues and advised the most senior personnel in the Department of Defense. We take this experience and put it to work for you. We know how the government thinks, why they do what they do, and know how to beat them.  Call JAG DEFENDERS,


If you are under investigation, facing disciplinary or administrative action


If your military record is inaccurate, unfair, or contains errors


If you are facing the potential loss of a security clearance

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Military Defense Lawyers

You need an experienced attorney on your side. At JAG DEFENDERS our experience in military law and justice gives us a unique understanding of how the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the military legal system works. ALL of our attorneys are retired and former military lawyers (JAGS) including retired MILITARY JUDGES If you need help with UCMJ matters wherever you may be stationed, we are ready to fight for your rights in cases such as:


Administrative Hearings

Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc have represented hundreds of service members at administrative hearings.

Board For Corrections and Discharge Review Boards

As a former service or current member, you may be entitled to a discharge upgrade or change in the reason you were separated or other changes to your service record.

Clemency And Parole Boards

Bethany Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc represent members from all the services in the Clemency and Parole Board Process.

Court Martial

If you have been contacted by criminal or command investigators you need experienced aggressive representation to ensure your rights are protected.

Court Martial Appellate Review

Court martial appeals are the most intellectually challenging and intricate area of the military’s criminal justice system.

Investigations and Article 15

Bethany Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc have advised thousands of service members on their rights during criminal and command investigations.

Physical Evaluation Board and Veterans Affairs Appeals

Physical evaluation boards (PEBs) and VA disability appeals require a unique skill set in an attorney.

Security Clearance Review

Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien’s intimate knowledge of security clearance reviews has allowed her to successfully save client’s security clearances.

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