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Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc have represented hundreds of service members at administrative hearings from Boards of Inquiry and Administrative Separation Boards to medical and professional credentialing and Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program hearings and as well as many other types of proceedings. They have defended all manner of administrative clients.

Military administrative hearings can sometimes be even more confusing than court proceedings as each comes with its own unique set of rules and can often involve mountains of documents and regulations to wade through.  Beth and Paul have years of experience navigating these tricky administrative waters and have frequently obtained outstanding results for their clients.  They know how to address not only the commands that are convening these hearing against the service members but potential witnesses and assessing what documents are necessary and relevant to make the best argument possible. Facing the loss of benefits, money, or even your career is daunting enough by itself: do not do it alone. Let Beth or Paul help you to tackle these challenging and difficult hearings.

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    Paul C. LeBlanc

    Paul C. LeBlanc

    Paul LeBlanc has over 30 years’ experience in both military and federal practice. Paul retired from the U.S. Navy, JAGC in 2017 with 27 years in uniform. Serving most of his career in the courtroom, Paul represented hundreds of clients in both courts-martial and appellate hearings. As the Commanding Officer of Defense Service Office North (the largest geographic command in the Navy’s JAGC) or as the Director of the Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense Division, Paul represented individual clients of all paygrades with outstanding results; he was the only Captain to represent clients in all matters. However, his decades of experience also includes administrative hearings such as admin discharge boards, NJP and NJP appeals, medical privilege boards, detachment for cause (including operationally related DFCs), IG investigations and rebuttals and command and law enforcement investigations (NCIS, CID, Provost Marshal, FBI, DEA, and other federal law enforcement agencies). Paul has over 100 contested courts-martial, hundreds of appellate briefs and arguments, and several hundred administrative hearings and matters.

    After retiring, Paul was appointed as an Assistant United States Attorney in Central District of California in both the Criminal and National Security Divisions. He is extremely knowledgeable about federal criminal law and its interplay with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Quite often the federal government will assist military prosecutors during an investigation and Paul’s experience is paramount to drive the best results for a client. The rules in federal and military courts are vastly different and knowing the intricacies of both are vital to your success.

    Paul is qualified and certified to practice in all military and federal courts, military courts of appeals, as well as the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. He is also admitted to the 9th, 1st, and 3rd Circuit Courts of Appeals.

    Paul’s practice is world-wide.

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    Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien

    Bethany L.

    Law Office of Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien

    Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien

    Military Defense Attorney Bethany Payton-O’Brien is a former military trial and appellate judge. She has been practicing military and criminal law for 25 years. She served in the United States Navy for almost 23 years. Since her retirement from the Navy in 2017, she has been in private practice providing legal representation to military members (active, reservists, ROTC students, and former members), civilian employees, contractors, and retirees. Bethany Payton-O’Brien focuses on on military and security clearance matters, including litigation, criminal law, ROTC disenrollment hearings, and administrative law (NJP, administrative boards, medical privileging boards, letters of reprimand, IG investigation).  She also represents clients before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the Board of Veterans Appeals, as well as all military review boards and trial courts. Bethany has prosecuted and defended numerous high profile cases, including matters that have received coverage by the San Diego Union Tribune, Military Times, Business Insider, and San Diego CBS News 8. Bethany Payton-O’Brien brings experience, aggressiveness and a commitment to protecting the rights of her clients.

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