Board For Corrections & Discharge Review

Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc have assisted countless service members before the respective services’ boards of correction challenge their characterization of discharge from the military service as well as other erroneous results that have damaged the careers of current and former service members.

Too many service members have been the victims of unjust punishments at non-judicial punishment, improperly written counseling chits that prevent promotion, and other factually inaccurate paperwork that denied servicemembers the proper opportunity the challenge detrimental information in their service record.

Beth and Paul can help you rectify these injustices and get your career or post-military life back on track. They have filed numerous petitions before these boards and met with great success. Let them help you correct your record and restore your opportunity for a better military career or civilian life as a result.

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