Court Martial

Bethany L. Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc have fought zealously against the most serious crimes punishable under the military criminal system for years. They have represented service members all over the world not just in court proceedings but during intense investigations where commands decide whether to bring charges against a servicemember in the first place. They know what it takes to be successful at every level of the military’s criminal defense system having represented flag-level officers and senior enlisted members in cases that have garnered national media attention. Beth has previously served as both a trial and appellate judge, and Paul has served as trial judge for the Navy and Marine Corps.

Beth and Paul have both spent extensive time during their military careers serving as prosecutors so they understand what the government will need to prove to succeed in their cases, and, in turn, what problems the government is going to have in proving cases against the defendant, or accused, at a court martial. They were so successful in the courtroom while on active duty, they were both selected to serve tours as the head prosecutor, or senior trial counsel, for their areas of operation. Paul also served as the senior defense counsel for the Navy for Northeast United States during his career as well as executive officer of his unit for reserve defense counsel in the Western United States and Pacific. Criminal prosecutions are the most stressful event in a service member’s life, and you need someone who understands not only how to approach the case as a defense counsel, but also what the prosecutor and military judge will be thinking. Beth and Paul are those attorneys. Allow their experience and successes to work for you in defending your freedom and future from an unjust result.

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