Administrative Hearings

We have represented hundreds of service members at administrative hearings from Boards of Inquiry and Administrative Separation Boards to medical and professional credentialing and Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program hearings and as well as many other types of proceedings. They have defended all manner of administrative clients.

Military administrative hearings can sometimes be even more confusing than court proceedings as each comes with its own unique set of rules and can often involve mountains of documents and regulations to wade through. We have years of experience navigating these tricky administrative waters and have frequently obtained outstanding results for their clients. They know how to address not only the commands that are convening these hearing against the service members but potential witnesses and assessing what documents are necessary and relevant to make the best argument possible. Facing the loss of benefits, money, or even your career is daunting enough by itself: do not do it alone. Let us help you to tackle these challenging and difficult hearings.