Clemency And Parole Boards

Bethany Payton-O’Brien and Paul C. LeBlanc represent members from all the services in the Clemency and Parole Board Process, achieving superior results on behalf their clients. Each service has a Clemency and Parole board, which is different than a state or federal parole board. In order to adequately prepare your case for clemency and parole, you need a lawyer with experience in both courts-martial appeals and military clemency and parole.

Clemency and parole are available to service members generally after serving a portion of their sentence. The Clemency and Parole Board can reduce a sentence to confinement or place you on parole. Military clemency and parole can sometimes be even more confusing than court proceedings as each service has a unique set of rules and regulations. Beth and Paul have extensive experience in these matters and can assist you in preparing the best package for submission to the Clemency and Parole Board.

Because the Clemency and Parole Board assumes you are guilty, this process can be more important than a court-martial appeal. This is not a process you should face alone, particularly if your case is still on appeal in the military criminal courts of appeal. Service members will not receive adequate support from a brig counselor to prepare their clemency and parole submission. You need a lawyer like Beth or Paul to assist you in preparing your package or arguing your case before the Clemency and Parole Board. They know what documents are necessary and relevant to demonstrate mitigation or rehabilitation, and they know what arguments to make. Let them help you obtain parole or a reduction in your sentence!