Investigations and Article 15

We have advised thousands of service members on their rights during criminal and command investigations. Do not attempt to navigate this process without lawyers like us. To do so, could find you charged at court-martial or NJP based on your statements alone.

First and foremost, you have the right to a lawyer during a criminal investigation, including Article 15 (NJP) investigations, and you should never waive your rights to silence or to an attorney. Do not consent to any searches of your cell phone, your barracks room or your house. Law enforcement agents are not your friends but will try to convince you they are trying to help you with assurances they will advocate on your behalf to the command. Do not be fooled. The government will expend countless resources in their investigation of you. It is not in their interest to help you.

Our attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience in military justice matters and have all previously worked as prosecutors. They know how the government will put a case together. Do not wait until the case has been put together before contacting an attorney. Our attorneys have succeeded in getting allegations of misconduct dismissed before the investigation even started or before charges were brought against the servicemember.

In the event you are offered Article 15 (NJP), you need to speak with a lawyer before deciding to accept it or demand court-martial. Beth and Paul can review the evidence against you, assist you in deciding about NJP, and then assist you in preparing for the hearing and any subsequent appeal. Given the gravity of this decision, you need a lawyer, because any decision you make can have other serious consequences, like an administrative separation board. Allow their experience and successes work for you in defending your freedom and future from an unjust result.